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A Country Garden House in SNOWDONIA, North Wales                   
                                              Self-catering luxury holiday accommodation

If you would like more information or wish to make a reservation, please contact Wendy or Geoffrey Tyson by any of the following methods:

Use the on-line contact form

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Send an email, to

Click here to send an email to: geofftyson@sky.com

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Telephone us

01690 710 440 (International ++ 44 1690 710 440)

Post a letter

Golygfa’r Llywelyn, Capel Garmon, Betws-y-Coed,

Snowdonia, North Wales, LL26 0RG

Make a personal visit

Visitors are always welcome

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A welcome!. Accommodation. N Wales & Snowdonia 1. A Stroll Around the Garden. Access Statement. How to get here. Tariff & Reservations. Page 12. Terms and Conditions. Accommodation Accommodation

Our rural location

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Access from the highway

We are located exactly half a mile from the main highway, up a steep, single-track road with passing places.

Our wide gravel driveway leads to the gravel and chippings* car park. There are no steps between the car park and the Garden House if you approach down the side path* to the Dining Room front door, or across the terrace to the Lounge patio doors. Alternatively, you can take the flowery route across the lawn to reach either entrance, by way of the steps.

The Garden

The large, level, paved* terrace and the front lawn are both at the same level as the house; the main, upper lawn immediately adjoining the house, and the Garden House Lawn are about 4 feet higher.  The terrace and these three lawns are accessible without any steps. Elsewhere, none of the steps have handrails.

Various paved and stepped pathways* connect the lawns throughout the extensive, terraced garden. You can also reach the top garden and avoid all the steps by taking the green lane route through the field.

Visitors are welcome to relax on the terrace, the large, roof-top balcony, in the garden, and in the fields and woodlands. There are numerous tables and chairs throughout the garden and also some upholstered loungers for those who prefer total relaxation. Up in the woodlands, from which the views are even better, there are some bench seats.

The photographs

The two no-steps routes to the front and rear of the Garden House are shown down the right-hand side of this page; the more adventurous route through the garden is on the left-hand side.

Access Statement

Some helpful
support rails.....

Images of the
steps route
through the garden
to the Garden House

Images of the

no-steps (wheelbarrow)
green lane route
to the top garden

Images of the two
no-steps routes
to the Garden House


*** We are pleased to tell you that almost all of our paved areas are now perfectly repaired.

Visitors, please take care in the upper garden until the work is complete. Thank you.

Outside the Garden House




The Driveway

Gravel surface, part slightly sloping, part level. To be tarmaced soon.

The driveway is not lighted; a torch is advisable.

The Car Park, capacity 6 cars, 25yds to house.

Gravel surface, mainly level, partly slightly sloping. Due for paving soon.

Automatic sensor lighting (work in progress) and manual flood-lighting.

Three ways to get to the Garden House:

Path to the house, 25 yds.

Slate paved, 4’6” wide. No steps. Gentle, 5% (1 foot in 20 feet) slope down for 10 yds  then level to house.

Automatic sensor and manual lighting to the front door.

Alternative route to Lounge French Doors via Terrace.

First, the gentle sloping paved path down to house, then across the level, paved terrace to Lounge door.

Auto lighting at back & front doors, manual lighting all around the house, – operated from any door.

Alternative route through garden.

Level paved path through garden, then several steps down to the house.

The garden is not lighted; a torch is essential. Automatic lighting at the front door.

Wandering out from the Garden House

The Terrace

Level slate-paved area. Level access directly from Lounge French Doors.

Tables and chairs on the Terrace and by the Pond.

Auto lighting at back & front doors, manual lighting all around the house, – operated from any door.

The Gardens


None of the steps have handrails; and there are unprotected, precipitous drops away from the paths!

The car park gives level access to the level garden at the back of the main house.

From the Lounge French Doors there is level access to the Terrace and level front garden.

Elsewhere, the gardens are at various levels connected by a multitude of paved paths and steps.

The gardens are not lighted; a torch is essential to navigate the steps.

There are many tables and chairs on the terrace and lawns, and plenty of wooden benches in secluded spots around the gardens.

The Pond

Bordered by bog plants, deep middle, unprotected sides. Children must be supervised in pond area.

Inside the Garden House

Door openings




Dining Room

Front entrance door.

2’ 6½” clear doorway. 1½” threshold.


Back entrance door.

A pair of French patio doors

5’0” wide.

3” threshold.


2’ 7” clear doorway.


All other doors 2’ 9” wide.

2’ 8” clear doorway.


All  Floors

Level throughout

Dining Room, Lounge, Hall, Bedroom.

Fitted carpets.

Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower Room.

Fitted vinyl flooring.


Dining Room - Kitchen

Three 60 watts overhead lights + several strip lights above work surfaces.


120 watts.


Two 100 watts overhead lights, three 60 watts table lamps. Whiskaway Wallbed has 5 halogen lamps; 3 overhead, 2 personal.  


120 watts overhead, 2 bedside lamps, each 60 watts.


100 watts + mirror shaving light.

Shower Room

120 watts + mirror shaving light.

(We don’t believe in dingy lighting for our guests!)

Services and appliances


Full sized electric cooker:

4 solid hobs, grille and low-level oven.


Dishwasher, washing machine, under the tiled worktops

Kettle, cordless, Microwave, CD Player

Every room

Central heating

Bathroom & shower room

Central heating plus  high level radiant heaters

Helpful grab-rails (not WRAS full-support rails)

How to get here A Stroll Around the Garden Access Statement


If you would like your luggage to be carried for you, please just ask.